Shira Menter

Program and Tribe Coordinator

Shira is a Southern California native and was immersed in progressive, social justice-oriented Judaism by age 11 through Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa in Big Bear, CA. She spent her summers learning about feminism, gender and racial equality, environmentalism, youth empowerment, and what makes social justice an inherently Jewish value. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education from UC Santa Cruz, where her love of people, community mental health, teaching, yoga, nature, and leftist politics blossomed. She spent winter of 2016 volunteering on the Greek island of Chios with a small humanitarian relief organization created in response to the world’s refugee crisis. This energized and reinforced her desire to spend her life working toward a more just and equitable world. She moved to Los Angeles in September 2018, had a brief but exciting career in the specialty coffee industry, and is now excited to be stepping back into the world of social justice nonprofits in her position as Program Administrator at IKAR. Find Shira at