TRIBE (20s/30s)

We are seekers and skeptics, Hebrew school dropouts and lovers of Torah, activists, artists and summer camp fanatics ready to find out people and looking for meaningful Jewish connection. Together, we craft regular TRIBE-specific programs for the heart, mind and soul.


Slow down, break bread and reconnect at our First Friday post-services dinner hang.

Calling all Moon People for fanciful full moon imagination, co-creation and transformation.

TRIBE School: IKAR’s Beit Midrash happens monthly. That’s low bar entry, high bar learning. Tap into ancient rabbinic wisdom at IKAR’s Event space. It’s the Hebrew School you wish you went to.

Holidays, house parties, justice actions, TRIBE camp and more…

Some of us will show up to TRIBE events, ready to participate, others will want to play a more active role in shaping and planning those experiences. If you want to help build the TRIBE you want to see, become a Builder. Contact to jump in.

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And just for fun: ICYMI (or want to relive the fun of TRIBE GLOW): listen to Kasher vs. Kasher – Live! on The Kibitz Podcast: A special Hanukkah Kasher vs. Kasher debate, recorded live at IKAR on the last night of Hanukah, featuring Rabbi David Kasher and his brother, comedian Moshe Kasher, hosted by Dan Crane. The event was sponsored by IKAR TRIBE, Give Light and Reboot.