Pesah Prep How-To

For guidance on preparing your home for Pesah, check out our mini guide or the Rabbinical Assembly’s comprehensive Pesah guide (which covers everything from what constitutes hametz to step-by-step instructions for kashering appliances and utensils).

Complete this form to “sell” your hametz though IKAR. (What’s the deal with hametz anyway?)

A few of IKAR’s Haggadah picks

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ Haggadah
Noam Zion & David Dishon’s A Different Night Family Haggadah
Francine Hermelin’s Haggadah for Kids

Haggadah supplements from our partners:

HIAS’ 2017 Haggadah supplement weaves the stories of today’s refugees and the themes of the global refugee crisis into the Seder narrative.

The Four People is about engaging with racial justice as individuals and as a multi-racial and multi-ethnic Jewish community. (Repair the World & Jewish Multiracial Network)

Haggadah on Fighting Modern Slavery (T’ruah)

A Global Justice Haggadah: Next Year in a More Just World (AJWS)

A Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally Haggadah (Keshet)

Food & Justice Hagaddah Supplement (Uri L’ Tzedek)

Ethical Treatment of Animals supplement (Shamayim V’Aretz Institute)

The Immigration Crisis: A Pesach Seder Reflection for 2016 (Jewish Social Policy Action Network)

Passover, Earth Day, & the Global Climate Crisis (The Shalom Center)