Do Justice:
Minyan Tzedek

“Love your neighbor, and love yourself. That is the whole Torah. All the rest is commentary.”
– Hillel

We believe that the active pursuit of justice and dignity for all is a core expression of our Jewish spiritual and religious selves, and we integrate that belief into everything we do at IKAR. Minyan Tzedek is how we harness the organizing power of our entire community to work toward the world as it ought to be. Our goal is 100% community participation through one of our four paths: Feeding Our Neighbors, Green Action, Organizing for Systemic Change and Global Partnership.

Our expectation is that every member of the community participates in the work of tikkun– healing. We invite you to join others who share your passions and interests, and help us bring real, sustainable change to our city and world.

Learn more about the four paths of our work: Feeding Our Neighbors, Green Action, Organizing for Change, and Global Partnership.

Feeding Our Neighbors
Serving meals,
teaching, building...

Our tradition teaches that the restoration of dignity must stand as the foundation of all efforts to address poverty, hunger and homelessness.
I wanna learn more.

Green Action
Healing our

We’re called to stand up and speak out to protect and sustain the natural world, and we can get to work right here in Los Angeles. I want in.

Global Partnership
Advocating for
international justice

Since 2011, we’ve been in partnership with the village of Katira, Uganda, to bring solar technology to the primary school, medical clinic and to the newly constructed, IKAR­- funded secondary school. Tell me more.

Organizing for Systemic Change
Seeking racial and
economic justice

Our current campaign is the Fair Chance Initiative, ensuring people with convictions have a fair chance to work. Let me add my voice.

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